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Chukka Boots

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The Vintage Shoe Company® adapts the classic laced chukka boot in leather tanned to re-create a worn and weathered patina.

Chukka boots are ankle-length leather boots with suede or leather uppers, leather soles (but can sometimes be rubber), and open lacing with two or three pairs of eyelets. The name chukka possibly comes from the game of polo, which is typically played in six periods or “chukkas”.

A form of chukka boots originally worn by British forces in the Western Desert Campaign of World War II are desert boots.

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Chukkas are usually made from calfskin or suede, although they have also been made from more exotic materials such as crocodile. The style first became popular in the late 1940s through the 1960s as casual wear. In the 21st century, Chukkas persist as a popular menswear shoe that can be worn with both suits and more casual wear like jeans.

According to shoe historian June Swann, the essential chukka boot is ankle-high, open-laced, and unlined, with two to three pairs of eyelets, thin leather soles, calfskin suede uppers in two parts (each from a single piece of leather; quarters sewn on top of vamp), and rounded toes.

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