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It's fully widgetized, you can use any widget from all Nalleto's widgets here ...
Define expandable area globally in the Nalleto's Theme Options, or use per-page option and define unique expandable area for each page individually.
You can even choose if expandable area is closed or opened by default.
    Be neat, be fresh, be corporate


    6 sizes, 4 colors, lined, iconic, even text with style as headlines but you can define your own tags ...


    Headline h1

    [headline tag="h1" color="color1"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h2

    [headline tag="h2" color="color2"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h3

    [headline tag="h3"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h4

    [headline tag="h4"] ... [/headline]
    Headline h5
    [headline tag="h5"] ... [/headline]
    Headline h6
    [headline tag="h6"] ... [/headline]


    Headline h1

    [headline tag="h1" color="color1" icon-"icon-tint"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h2

    [headline tag="h2" color="color2" icon-"icon-video"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h3

    [headline tag="h3" icon="icon-cafe"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h4

    [headline tag="h4" icon="icon-camera-alt"] ... [/headline]
    Headline h5
    [headline tag="h5" icon="icon-archive"] ... [/headline]
    Headline h6
    [headline tag="h6" icon="icon-table"] ... [/headline]


    Headline h1

    [headline tag="h1" color="color1" lined="yes"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h2

    [headline tag="h2" color="color2" lined="yes"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h3

    [headline tag="h3" lined="yes"] ... [/headline]

    Headline h4

    [headline tag="h4" lined="yes"] ... [/headline]
    Headline h5
    [headline tag="h5" lined="yes"] ... [/headline]
    Headline h6
    [headline tag="h6" lined="yes"] ... [/headline]

    Section Headline

    [section_headline tag="h4" lined="yes" color="color1"] ... [/section_headline]

    Text as Headline

    Div styled as h1 headline
    [headline tag="div" css_class="h1" color="color1"] ... [/headline]

    Span styled as h2 headline

    [headline tag="span" css_class="h2" color="color2"] ... [/headline]

    P styled as h3 headline

    [headline tag="p" css_class="h3"] ... [/headline]


    Div styled as h3 headline (lined + iconic) with tooltip with custom color
    [headline tag="div" css_class="h3" icon="icon-address" lined="yes" color="color1" tooltip="..." tooltip_color="color1"] ... [/headline]