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Not Just a Corporate Theme

Welcome to Minicorp

Stunning Fully Responsive Premium WordPress Theme

SEO Optimized, Multilingual and E-Commerce ready

Amazing Content Elements Combinations

Multiple portfolios, Unlimited sidebars, Per-page sidebars

Advanced styling options, Various header combinations, Shortcodes enabled page lead

And many many more ...

WordPress 3.8 Fully Compatible

Not only is Minicorp compatible with the latest version of WordPress but we have also made vast tests to ensure FULL compatibility with the hottest WordPress 3.8 version which is still under development and available only for developers.

Hey !

Minicorp is stunning WordPress theme perfectly suitable just for you. It’s loaded with tons of theme options, customizable settings, shortcode elements, awesome features and many many more. Just have a look at main features …

WooCommerce & WPML ready

Make your website multilingual and expand your business by selling products online! Minicorp’s best friends are WooCommerce and WPML …

Minicorp can do more than you can imagine …

The best way to see it in action is to buy it and give it a try …


John Doenen – Web Designer

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Design Sense


JS / jQuery


William Stunning – Idea Creator

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Brain Storming


Build pages in seconds by combining elements like LEGO …

The most complete elements set 

That’s why we are right here

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And we did it
But then things started to move.
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New member in our team

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We started right here

5 Star Support

Based on our previous customer’s experiences and feed-backs we can guarantee the best 5 star support.

Hey! Firstly you rock! Secondly, because you rock so much, you have designed two awesome templates for WordPress… Which makes my life extremely difficult. I’ve gone through all the templates available here on themeforest and Minicorp and Creolio are the ones that i desire…Phoenixcreations

I recently bought the Minicorp theme for WP. It’s really amazing and one of the best themes I bought so far on Themeforest – great work!Morecoffee

Thank you for making such a user-friendly product. I am new to WP and am thankful someone created a theme that has allowed me to make a webpage as a novice.Ddameron

What a wonderful theme you have created! It really is an achievement! I must have looked at over a 1000 themes in the last few days, and this hit everything we’re looking for.Aforkes

I know how hard you guys are working and your support appears to be second to none. You guys are doing a great job.Gareth

Thanks for a great theme!Glenn

I’m you 13th Minicorp buyer! I’ve spent some serious time looking at themes on themeforest and yours covers all the bases. Finding Minicorp yesterday must have been fate. Love it! Nicely done.Bugbee

Hi, your minicorp theme is really great.Iachia

Want to start by saying that I LOVE your theme. Very very nice. Great work!! I never thought that I could implement a full blown website using just WordPress, but seeing this theme, I know it can be done :) Thanks a lot for the great work.Ggaurav

I had a little bug, ishyoboy quickly helped me and changed complex php files so the problems could be resolved.

Thank you so much for the prompt reply, fantastic customer service! Al

I’ve been using Themeforest for years and have bought MANY themes. That was the quickest support I have ever received from a developer!!Scott

Thanks so much. You guys are really outstanding in every area – and that is so rare to find. Dan