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Not Just a Corporate Theme


Use Google Maps shortcode to show and mark up to 10 important locations on a single map. Use the default layout or customize the look to better fit your design.

Default with multiple locations

[map lat_lng_1="36.5079367, -4.8863523" lat_lng_2="36.5099367, -4.8764523" lat_lng_3="36.5109367, -4.8953523" zoom="15"]

Un-zoomed with height

[map lat_lng_1="36.509, -4.886" zoom="11" height="300"]

Un-zoomed, height, color1

[map lat_lng_1="36.509, -4.886" zoom="11" color="color1" height="300"]

Advanced – custom color & inverted colors

[map lat_lng_1="36.5079367, -4.8863523" zoom="12" color="#a0ce4e" invert_colors="yes"]