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Not Just a Corporate Theme


Minicorp comes with an outstanding set of more than 35 shortcodes available to help you assemble the content just in seconds. Whether you are a developer or a newbie you will be able to make thousands of combinations.

Columns Shortcodes


Basic elements for building thousands combinations of layouts. Default, advanced, predefined … create whatever you can imagine.

Columns nested

Needed to create more complex layouts with nested columns? Not a problem. With Minicorp you can use 3 levels of nested columns – nested1, nested2, nested3.

Divider & Separator

Make your content clear and more readable by defining white spaces with divider and separator shortcode.

Typography Shortcodes


Highlight first character in first word inside paragraph, 2 styles, 4 colors, just to choose …


6 sizes, 4 colors, lined, iconic, even text with style as headlines but you can define your own tags …


Want to use icons in your theme to emphasise something? Use one of 3 types of icon – default, square and circle – and choose from 1000+ icons included in Minicorp theme.


Create 9 types of unordered list + ordered list and possibility to colorize their symbols …


Want to highlight something important? Simply use mark shortcode …

Quote & Pullquote

Want to quote somebody or to write an interesting quote you have found?

Block Shortcodes

Accordion & Toggle

Accordion and toggle are perfectly suitable for FAQ sections. They generate accordion styled content areas which can contain various elements and shortcodes.


Alert boxes can be used to display various messages on the site. Show information, warnings, errors interesting way.


Wrap your content into boxes and make them more visible and catchy. Add icon, change align, change color, add buttons, whatever you want …

Box Group

Wrap your boxes with “box_group” shortcode and they will have the same height.


Create “Call to action”, “Read more” and other different buttons with “button” shortcode. 3 sizes, 4 colors, many possible combination.


Use your dynamic WordPress menu on any place – content, sidebars, footer …

Pre & Code

Need to display code in your content? Not a problem …


Show off your skills or create progress bars. Everything with eye-catching animation …

Tables & Pricing Tables

Tables are perfectly suitable for displaying structured data. Whether regular tables or more advanced pricing tables, Minicorp has them covered.


Tabs come really in handy when more content needs to be displayed in a small area. Separate your content into several sections and display them in tabs.


Tooltip shortcode is the perfect way of adding hidden but important additional information to elements and text.

Special Shortcodes


Exactly what breadcrumbs do, show full path where you are currently in the page hierarchy.


Show off your progress with pie charts. Easy to use, easy to customize, easy to do whatever you want.

Content & Page break

Use content break shortcode to create important sections on any page, give them background or pattern. You can even split your page content to more parts with page break shortcode.

Embed & Multimedia

Embed provides the possibility to embed Video, Audio and Image content from third-party websites like Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Flickr, etc… It’s so easy!


Use Google Maps shortcode to show and mark up to 10 important locations on a single map. Use the default layout or customize the look to better fit your design.

Portfolio shortcode

Show off your portfolio with portfolio shortcode by customizing columns, height, layout, navigation. You can even create multiple portfolios on one page.

Portfolio Detail Shortcode

Show gallery of portfolio detail, show next / prev project buttons, show categories. Everything with predefined shortcodes.

Recent Posts

Show recent posts from blog has never been easier. Change columns, headlines style, make autoslide slideshow …

Rounded Image

Rounded image shortcode is an “update” of the regular images. There is no need to use advanced photo editing programs to create rounded image anymore.

Slider & Slidable

The built in IshYoBoy slider and the slidable shortcodes give you the opportunity to create great looking animations using all the content you already know.

Social Share

Want to use share functionality on your blog posts or pages? Insert your social share code in global settings and use it anywhere on whole page.

The Title

Show dynamic title of current page, make it as a headline, button, paragraph content …


Perfectly suitable for displaying projects’ timelines, checkpoints, and goals structured in chronological order. Of course, very customisable as usual.